Monday, November 12, 2012

Young Writers Program

    As many of you know, I am plowing my way through Nanowrimo in an effort to churn out a novel in one month. Don’t worry, this is not another blog post about my nano adventures. Nope, it is a post about our 14 year old daughter’s adventure with Nano through the Young Writers Program.

   Upon hearing about my participation in Nano via social media, Jordan’s interest was sparked and she did a bit of investigating. On November 1st, I received a text from her (she lives out of state), asking me if I thought she should try it. Pride running through my mother/teacher veins, I encouraged her to give it a go and that was all she needed!

   Over the past eleven days, Jordan has blended her creativity, smarts, and determination. She has already written over 17,000 words, putting her over the halfway mark (the youth goal is a mere 30,000 words). She is outpacing many senior nano-ers, myself included, and from the tiny bit she is willing to share, is creating an amazing story.

   At the end of the month, I don’t really care if Jordan reaches 30,000 words (but I think she will). It is not about the word count but more the process and the craft. She took on a challenge few adolescents would and has risen to it. While other kids her age are out causing trouble or siting around doing nothing, she is creating magic with her words. I am so impressed by my stepdaughter and feel blessed to play a part in her life.

Photo Credit: Nanowrimo

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