Saturday, November 10, 2012

Missing the Mark

     I just finished Keith T. Hoerner's Missing the Mark: A Target Child Speaks. After reading his personal story of trauma, I had to wait a couple of days before I was ready to attempt to put my thoughts into words. Keith's story is one of absolute terror, inflicted over a period of thirty plus years by the person supposed to love him the most, his mother. His story makes you question humanity on the most basic levels. 

     Missing the Mark, while an often difficult story to read because of its content, is worth the time. Keith intertwines vignettes, poetry, and honest reflection in a beautifully written story. His ability to candidly share his walk through hell puts you right there with him, providing a front row seat to his mother's physical and emotional abuse and his father's refusal to intervene.

     Having met with Keith before reading Missing the Mark, I believe his words reached out to me on a more personal level. He is a caring man and a gifted, wounded storyteller. His story, written in an often chaotic and jumpy manner, illuminates the true pandemonium he lived through. Keith is a survivor and is now using his private trauma to help others work through their own struggles with child abuse and neglect.Heartfelt and striking, it is a cathartic story through and through.

Photo Credit: WestBow Press

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