Sunday, November 4, 2012

Author Inspiration

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Missouri SCBWI conference. Of the several fantastic speakers, I have to say I enjoyed David Harrison's keynote the most. David has been writing for over 40 years successfully in children's fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. His first book, Boy with a Drum, has sold 2 million copies to date. As you can imagine, he had plenty to share and was such an engaging speaker.
Down to earth and funny, he drew us into his world with candid descriptions. He talked about many aspects of writing but one topic, the care and feeding of ideas, really stuck with me.  According to David, ideas are often so exciting and overwhelming they lure us in. They beckon us, "inviting us to woo them." He is so right - a new idea is like a new love. It calls to us, wanting us to spend all our time with him/her. These new ideas are the best part of being a writer as they spark our imagination. and ignite a love affair.  
David's entire keynote was playful while informative and helped set the day in motion. It was a conference well worth the time and money. Thank you SCBWI!

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