Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gearing up

Have you ever felt spent, exhausted, drained before the starting gun fired? You probably know what I mean - you wake up and are already ready for bed or you look at clock, sure it late afternoon only to find it is barely past noon. I think we have all had these moments. I am not sure why they hit so hard but when they do, they make for tough times.

When I find myself overly tired, I notice that it hits me as hard mentally as it does physically. I can't focus as well, my patience grows short(er), and I am more forgetful than usual. On these days I feel like I need a sick day to rest my body and my mind. As a mother, wife, and teacher, however, sick days are often in short supply.

So why am I rambling on about my personal ills with being exceptionally tired? Well, there is actually a point hidden in here. We all experience these trials and tribulations - I am not pretending to be a lone martyr here. The key is in how to muddle through and keep moving. The infamous quote from Finding Nemo comes to mind. Sometimes we have to "just keep swimming."

Whether you are exhausted (my reference), stressed from work, or struggling with some other emotional issue, we can all get through it as long as we just don't quit. The same theory applies to the many frustrated writers out there, myself included at times, that often wonder if they should keep trying, in spite of the rejection letters and endless waiting. Life can get hard but it will get better.

So tonight as I sit here exhausted, having to type and re-type this in an effort to make sense of my thoughts, I am also reminding myself that tomorrow will be better. And if it's not, if I am still pooped, well I'll set my sights to Tuesday instead. No matter what, I'll keep swimming!

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