Sunday, October 21, 2012

What moves me

Recently I have visited so many blogs it has made my head spin. I have truly enjoyed some of them. Others have left me more confused than anything else. I started my blog on a whim, partially on the advice of several friends who write more consistently and also because I thought it would help motivate me to write more.

In all honestly, I am not sure if my blog has found it's home in my heart. I designed it to be primarily about books and the writing process. While I do want it to be about this, I keep running into roadblocks. My writing is mainly about things in life that move me. I don't write much fiction, I never write paranormal, and I have never written a whimsical romance. While I have read some great ones, these are simply genres that I  either struggle with writing or simply have no interest in. I keep trying to stretch myself to write new stories but my heart is not there.Those story attempts usually end up in the trash rather quickly and that is probably for the best. I envy those more creative than myself that can create such magic on paper!

The more I write, I realize that my writing is part of the self-induced therapeutic process. When I observe or participate in something powerful, I feel compelled to write about it. When I struggle with my illness, I write about it. My inadequacies as a parent, wife, teacher, whatever - I can put that on paper and work through it with words. This works for me and as time passes, I am getting better at accepting this. I may never be a famous published author but I am saving a fortune on therapy!

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