Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Beat Goes On

February 1st was National Go Red day in support of heart disease awareness. Across our country, men, women, children, and animals were decked out in red! Even the Empire State Building joined in the fun. It was a beautiful and moving day, especially for those who have been impacted personally by heart disease. I helped at the St. Louis AHA Luncheon with over a thousand of my heart allies, finding myself overwhelmed by the amazing energy in the ballroom throughout the afternoon.
Our work has just started though. February 1st kicks off heart month. All throughout February, we will work tirelessly to help educate and advocate. You may get sick of hearing from me, but please know, I need the American Heart Association to save my life. I depend on the research and the continued support of AHA and Go Red.
Debora Grandison, survivor, Karen Guccione-Englert, survivor, and Rachelle Bartnick, St. Louis AHA
If you weren’t able to Go Red on the 1st, that’s okay. You can do it all month! Here are some fun ideas for any day in February:
At work:
- hang up red holiday lights in your office or cubicle
- decorate with red poinsettias
- type in red for all your messages
- have a heart healthy lunch with co-workers and invite a speaker in to share heart-healthy tips
- ask your co-workers to Go Red with you and encourage them to wear red

At home:
- bake cookies with red sprinkles or cupcakes with red icing
- hang up red holiday lights, balloons or streamers
- decorate with red poinsettias
- if you have a pet, put a red bandana or bow on him/her
- ask your whole family to Go Red with you and encourage them to wear red

At school:
- feature red foods or heart-healthy foods in the cafeteria
- invite a speaker in to share heart-healthy tips
- participate in Hoops for Hearts or Jump Rope for your Heart
- dress up for Go Red and have a contest for the wackiest or most creative GO RED outfit

At church or special interest group:
- invite a speaker in to share heart-healthy tips
- offer up special intentions and/or prayers for those impacted by heart disease and for the doctors and researchers working hard to end it
- add a message about heart month in your church's newsletter or bulletin

Karen, Kim, and Mary -- 3 survivors from St. Charles

Thank you for your support of Go Red for Women and the American Heart Association. I am living proof of their amazing work. With them, the beat goes on! - Karen

As always, there is no pressure but should you wish to donate directly to the AHA and Go Red, please use the following URL:

Photo Credits: American Heart Association, St. Louis Chapter members


  1. Your ideas are all inspiRED. I did indeed wear red to a gala reception at the St. Peters Art Centre - it's why I could not come to your Zumba shindig. A couple dozen children, some with "special needs", had painted pictures and then adults were inspiRED to interpret the paintings in poetry or other painting. I interpreted three lovely drawings, and my poems were displayed alongside the art. What an honor to meet some of the young artists.

  2. Marcia - It sounds like we each had had an inspiRED night! Thank you for wearing red in honor of heart month.