Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Name Shame

     What an exciting month! I’m not talking about the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, or President’s Day – all with unique merits of their own. Oh no, I’m focusing on Heart Month. There are so many moving Go Red for Women/AHA events taking place throughout the St. Louis area, all with opportunities to raise awareness about women’s heart health issues. I hope you will be able to attend one before the end of this short month. It’s kind of sad that Heart Month is in the shortest of all months. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in women (1 in 3 women), we need as many days as possible dedicated to the cause. Hmm, I may need to talk to someone about that!

    I have no doubt February will be gone in the blink of an eye. Time just seems to pass more quickly than it used to. That said, it is time to start thinking about the annual Heart Walk that takes place in May. This year’s walk is May 4th so mark your calendars now!

    This leads me to my reason for today’s post. I am in desperate need of help! My writer brain must have taken the day (or week) off. I am coming up bone dry on a team name. I want something fun and clever, something catchy. All I am coming up with is blah! So I turn to you my writer friends, heart sisters, and loved ones from near and far – please, help me with a name!
    I am in the beginning stages of putting my team together and would love to have you walking by my side on May 4th.  If you are interested in joining my team, please let me know.  As a walker, you will have the opportunity to help raise money for this worthwhile cause and come out for a fun-filled day with thousands of other survivors and supporters.

    I eagerly await your ideas about a team name. I know you can do it! Thank you for helping this survivor/writer with a terrible case of writer’s block! – Karen 

Photo Credit: Jeffry Englert


  1. I'm sure you've probably mentioned this, but how can we sign up for the event on May 4th?

  2. Ha - you would think I did but I can't yet because the team has no name! See my predicament! I can't officially register without a team name and my ideas have been trash can worthy. As soon as we have a name, I will send out all the info.