Sunday, December 2, 2012

Success in the failure

December is upon us, bring a close to Nanowrimo and the month-long quest to churn out a novel. So now for the million dollar question… did I finish? Oh my goodness, no, not even close! I wrote 20,000 words, falling far short of the goal. Ashamed you ask? Oh my goodness, no, not even close! 

I wrote an amazing 20,000 words which is about 19,000 more than I typically ever write on a story (remember I normally write children’s picture books). I am pretty impressed with myself to be honest. Nano was more about making me put my butt in the chair and write. It was about avoiding distractions, focusing on a goal, and getting the words down. I know I came up short in the great Nano’s eyes, but I feel nothing but pride in producing my story. 

So is it complete? Oh my goodness, no, and I think you know the rest. I am not sure many stories are ever truly finished. I need to add a bit more to the manuscript and then begin the grueling process of editing, revising, and formatting. Maybe that will all be finished by next November just in time to kick off a new challenge!

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