Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I’m not ready to make new resolutions. I fell a bit short on some of my goals for last year and have decided to just grant myself a re-do on a few of those. I’m calling in a mulligan and I don’t even golf, never have.

Last year, I pledged to read more broadly and while I did better than in previous years, I’ve still got some room to grow. I always find myself drawn back to memoirs or a good mystery and hesitate at the word “fantasy.”

While I didn’t blog about it last year, I also tried to commit to entering at least one contest or submitting one work every month. Now this, this was a lofty goal. I didn’t totally wash out but I’m not going to lie, I didn’t make every month. Let’s go with the rule of 80 and round up. The good news is that for the entering I did, a few pieces actually received some recognition.

Last week I picked up my contributor copy of this year’s Cuivre River Volume VII. I have four pieces in this anthology, two prose and two poetry. The very next day, I picked up my contributor copy of the Coffee & Critique Anthology and have one piece in this work. Not a bad 48 hours!
So for 2014, I will continue in my resolve to read in a wider variety and write more consistently. As for the diet (meaning food choices, not a diet) and exercise plans, these are once again being scrapped. A girl has to be realistic after all. Here's to a guilt-free 2014!


  1. Karen, your ratio of entering to publication is pretty high! Congrats.
    About that reading thing - I too am drawn to certain types of reading, mostly memoir and historical stuff. I cringe at sci-fi and YA and fantasy (altho noted exception of JRR Tolkein). While I'd like to expand my reading, there is just not enough time to read what I like, let alone what I don't. Still, maybe if I did read that other stuff I'd end up liking it. But any vampire or werewolf or zombie, and I'm out. I must say I've enjoyed your stories and poems. Thx for letting me be a beta reader.

    1. I feel the same about vampires and werewolves and now with the zombie craze, add them to the list of "not-to read." I do think I need to approach some genres with a more-open mind so that's the plan for 14. We'll see how it goes!
      I have not read either anthology yet, only a select story or two, but they have moved to the top of the pile. I received few books this year for Christmas which is probably a good thing b/c I already have so many still to get through from last year!