Monday, September 23, 2013

My kind of competition

    In case I haven’t shared, I really love my new job and for so many reasons. Reason 237: the St. Charles City-County Library District Book Blog. I get to blog about books I’ve read while I’m at work – someone pinch me (but not too hard). I'm sensitive after all. 

    The SCCCLD Book Challenge is a Competitive Reading Challenge. It is like kickball for literary nerds which is, in my opinion, AWESOME. Because if we are really being honest here, a good many of us aren’t exactly getting picked first for most sports teams. But this one, this one, I’m all over!

    To play, participants earn points for various categories including: reading the highest number of books, reading an award book, responding to blog posts, etc. I just started so I have a lot to make-up, but this also gives me an excuse to read. I can hear it now, “Sorry honey, I can’t cook dinner (ever), I have to finish my book for work.”

   Feel free to stop by the site and check out some of the great books already posted by the library staff from the various branches.

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