Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's so fluffy!

We are big fans of the movie “Despicable Me” in our house. Not just the kids, I enjoy it as well. My favorite character in this film has to be the youngest child, Agnes Gru, who oozes energy. Her three year old exuberance and naivety are endearing as she takes in the world around her. This little bit loves life. And unicorns. During the movie, she receives a stuffed unicorn and screams, “It’s so fluffy!” as she hugs the life out of her new furry friend. 

You just can’t help but smile watching her excitement. Agnes has life figured out, whether we realize it or not. Sure, she believes in mythical single-horned creatures but this little girl, she gets it. The big IT. She embraces life with every inch of her tiny body. She takes chances, trusts deeply, and laughs often. 

In the recent days I have been Agnes. My unicorn came in a different shape and size but my excitement level rivals hers. Last week, I was offered the position of Extension Services Specialist with the St. Charles City-County Library. Fortunately, I found the self-control to accept the position before initiating my happy dance which resembles more of an out-of-the-body, gyrating traumatic experience. Fortunately, no one else was home. 

With my new role as the Extension Services Specialist, I get to take my love for literacy, learning, nonprofit work, and outreach services and wrap all that up in one beautiful package. And friends, let me tell you, it is so fluffy! 

Check out the St. Charles City-County Library Foundation at


  1. Congratulations, Karen! What wonderful news. I can't think of anyone more deserving than you for the position.

  2. Thank you Donna! I am very excited about my new position and can't wait to start. Now instead of one classroom I will work with all twelve branches, numerous partner sites, and can call St. Charles County my classroom. It is an amazing opportunity for outreach and to make an impact in our community.

  3. Wow! How fast God pulled everything together for this end/beginning. The perfect fit for you. A fluffy place to fall, indeed! And, speaking for writers and readers in the county, we are thrilled to have you in this position. Looking forward to great things ahead.

  4. Thank you Marcia! There is so often a bigger picture in development if we can just be patient enough and wait for it to emerge. Deciding to leave the classroom was a huge leap of faith, but I know it was the right move for me. Now I will be able to do so much more and that feels amazing (and fluffy)!