Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recognition after tragedy

     Last night I struggled to pull myself away from the television and internet. Heart-wrenching stories of the devastation in Oklahoma flooded my screen. Tears streaming down my face, I sat in my comfortable chair in my sturdy house, safe from that pain and horror. I am a fortunate woman.

     Sometimes I forget that, I think many of us do. Sometimes it takes the tragedy and loss suffered by others to help us reflect on the countless gifts we have. We get caught up in the little things, making mountains out of molehills and finding fault over the slightest of missteps and mistakes. Today Madison, at almost eleven years of age, turned a large shipping box into a house complete with a hanging light (a flashlight), crawled into it, and read. I stared at her, memorized by the gift of my daughter, her creativity and imagination, and love for life. I am a blessed woman.

     Oklahoma, I am sorry for the pain you are experiencing now and will continue to feel as you attempt to salvage your lives, homes, businesses, and schools. Mother Nature, much like illness, does not discriminate. She takes no sides, but rather runs wild in her doing. You will continue to be in the thoughts and prayers of this ever-grateful woman.

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